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10 Better-for-You Butter Substitutes You Need in Your Kitchen

Coconut oil

coconut oil and fresh coconuts on old wooden tableMaraZe/Shutterstock

Not only will coconut oil leave you with dewy skin and shiny hair, but it’s also a delicious butter substitute.

Nutrition: It’s rich in healthy fats that actually boost fat burning in your body. It also provides quick, sustainable energy to your brain, helping you focus and avoid that 4 p.m. slump. Still, nutritionists say it’s not a superfood, so maybe use this option sparingly.

Best For: Baked goods (its coconutty flavor will come through).

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AvocadoNew Africa/Shutterstock

Is there anything avocados can’t do? They not only make delicious savory recipes, but now they can even replace the butter in your brownies.

Nutrition: Avocados are rich in healthy fats and antioxidants. They’re also heart-healthy, high in fiber for improved digestion, and they have these 7 little-known powerhouse benefits, too.

Best For: Topping toast or mixed into a rich, chocolaty batter (the green color can turn a little brown).

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Mashed banana

mashed banana in white bowlZoeytoja/Shutterstock

Bananas may just be the most versatile fruit and can replace butter in any of your favorite sweet treats.

Nutrition: We all know bananas for their potassium levels, but they’re also rich in fiber to help with weight loss.

Best For: Making cookies, pancakes or waffles (they can replace the butter or oil in most baked goods).

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