13 Energizing Snacks That Frequent Hikers Swear By

Every time I go on a hike, I wind up extremely hungry by the end. I always pack what seems like a sufficient amount of snacks for the distance, but somehow it’s never enough. I’ve talked to registered dietitians in the past and they’ve always told me that a good hiking snack should have a decent amount of carbs to keep you fueled, and protein, fat, and fiber to keep you full the whole way through. But even when I keep this in mind, the snacks that I do bring aren’t enough to keep my stomach from growling.

I figured if anyone would know how to actually stay fueled on the trail, it would be the people who consider hiking a big part of their lifestyle. So I reached out to some of the hikers I follow on social media to ask them which energizing snacks they rely on. Not only do their picks sound totally delicious, they’re also easy to pack, don’t need to be kept cold, and light enough that they won’t weigh your backpack down—but hearty enough to keep you full.

From spicy jerky bites to almond butter packets, these are the 13 products they swear by.

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