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15 Instant Pot Recipes That Use Those Dried Beans in Your Pantry

We all have (at least) one bag of dried beans that's been sitting in our pantry for so long, we can't exactly remember when we bought it. Though pretty much everyone agrees homemade dried beans taste better than the stuff from a can, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who cooks them on the reg.

Luckily, easy access to Instant Pots and pressure cookers has totally changed the playing field for dried beans. No longer do you have to let them soak for hours on end before you can even start cooking them—these devices enable you to make them in just a fraction of the time, often without any soaking at all. And that's great, because making beans from scratch gives you total control over what's in your beans. For example, if you're trying to monitor the amount of added salt you're eating, cooking beans yourself allows you to regulate that.

That doesn't mean homemade beans are flavorless, though. These 15 recipes prove that they can be (and often are) far more flavorful than their canned counterparts. Whether you want to make true hummus from scratch or the silkiest split pea soup you've ever eaten, these dried bean dishes have you covered.

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