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24 Party Foods from the Supermarket That Famous Cooks Swear By

Famous cooks share the foods you should always pick up from the supermarket before hosting a party.

Canned Chickpeas

Dried Chickpeas as high detailed close-up shot on a vintage wooden table; selective focusHandmadePictures/Shutterstock

“They’re wonderful to just throw into a food processor and puree with a little bit of garlic and whatever else you have available—sun-dried tomato, any kind of fresh herb, dry herb. Season with just a little bit of salt and pepper, and you make a really fun, quick hummus.” —Chef Michael Psilakis. These easy finger foods are perfect for any party.


Champagne bottle closeup with copy space.Steve Cukrov/Shutterstock

“You’d be surprised how a simple thing like champagne, as opposed to wine, really gets everything going in the direction you want it to.” —Chef Michael Psilakis. If you like to buy in bulk, these are the healthiest party foods you can pick up at Costco.

Roasted red peppers, artichokes, and mushrooms in a jar

grilled artichoke with lemon in a pan. Flatlay. copy space. top viewLyudmila Mikhailovskaya/Shutterstock

“No fuss. Very, very simple. And if you get a really, really good quality brand in a jar, they eliminate so much time that you’d spend getting them ready yourself.” —Chef Michael Psilakis

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