25 Things Only Middle Children Understand

The oldest is the first, the youngest is the baby—but where does that leave the middle-borns? For National Middle Child Day, you’ll recognize these annoying, and sometimes surprisingly advantageous things about growing up in between.

You have to follow your sibling’s timeline

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When middle children want to know if they’re old enough to do anything (like sleep over at a friend’s house for the first time or wear makeup) they may as well just look to their older sibling to see when they were allowed to pursue the same milestone. That’s the bar they have to clear to maintain family “fairness.”

And you may as well not have your own name

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How often have you been referred to in relation to your older or younger sibling? Your parents gave you a name at birth, but typically you’re known as (insert name’s) little brother or sister or, even worse, so-and-so’s older brother or sister. It’s easy to have an identity crisis sometimes. In fact, you may have wished you had one of these unusual names so you would stand out from the pack.

You never got your own room

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Not only do middle children find themselves under a mountain of hand-me-downs, unless they’re living large (in a large house, that is), they tend to have to share a bedroom. Whether cohabitating with the older or younger sib, your space was never really your own.

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