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5 Great Recipes for Cooking With Your Kids While You’re All Stuck at Home

I have to say, cooking with your kids is a great way to spend family time right now. Because of the new coronavirus pandemic—and the recommendation that we all practice proper social distancing until further notice—this has been, to say the least, a trying time for everyone. And if you’re like me, a parent who’s stuck at home with kids, it can be downright exhausting. If I left them to their own devices, my two girls (ages 9 and 12) would alternate between beating each other up and staring at their screens, neither of which is an option I love.

One thing I’ve been doing with the girls has been cooking. It keeps us all busy and fed, and, as a bonus, it teaches them cooking skills! They’re also learning how to make a lot with a little, as in, using more nourishing shelf-stable foods rather than stuff that’s fresh. I love that they’re going to come out of this knowing how to create inexpensive, nutritious meals.

Maybe when they get to university, they won’t have to survive on UberEats and ramen noodles!

Here are some of our favorite recipes so you can start cooking with your kids. They range from very simple to a bit more complex, but they’re all suitable for kids to either take the reins or act as sous chefs or assistants.

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