9 Things You Really Need to Stop Bragging About—Seriously

Think twice before you show off about these touchy subjects.

Your job


Unless the employment description includes working at an arena/stadium/ball field, or saving lives (particularly if you’re an Avenger!), we’re not interested in how entranced you are by your trade. Just as job fairs are nowhere near as fun as actual fairs (only the latter offers cotton candy!), hearing about your awesome place of work is as enjoyable as a mundane workday. Here are 9 science-backed tricks to boost your self-confidence.

Your favorite sports team


You’re allowed precisely one day to gloat about a spectacular come-from-behind win and get a pass of up to a week if that happened in a championship game and you live in the town of said sports team. Other than that, no one cares how your college basketball team did on a random Tuesday in February.

Your vices


There was a time where your exceptional booze consumption was met with shock, awe, and a flurry of fist bumps. That time ended the minute you started paying off, or ignoring, your college debt. Now it’s either annoying or concerning. Sometimes both! Ready to rein it in? Don’t miss these 22 ways to remind yourself you’re worthy.

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