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Asics’s MetaRide Running Shoe Is Designed To Make Long Runs Easier

If the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% proved nothing else, it was that runners are prepared to spend big money on a shoe that they believe will improve their running. Asics has taken that ball and run with it by launching a shoe which costs £220. That substantial wodge of cash buys you the MetaRide, designed to make running long distances easier thanks to the energy-saving technology in the sole.

Key to that is the new Guidesole, a curved sole that rocks the foot forwards with each stride to propel you on your way. Other shoe brands have used a rocker in their shoes before, but Asics has numbers to back up the effectiveness of its Guidesole. Testing done at Loughborough University by research and development company Progressive Sports indicates energy loss around the ankle joint is reduced by 19%.

The shoe’s design also reduces movement through the ankle during running to provide more stability and promises an entirely new running sensation.

Along with the Guidesole, the shoe is crammed with all manner of other proprietary tech, including Asics’s FlyteFoam and FlyteFoam Propel midsole foams. These are found in other Asics shoes like the DynaFlyte 3 and offer lightweight cushioning for long runs, though we haven’t found them to be as bouncy as other brand’s foams like Adidas’s Boost and Saucony’s Everun.

Given that the MetaRide’s focus is squarely on making long-distance running easier, it doesn’t seem as if Asics is going up against the Vaporfly by claiming the MetaRide to be a PB-setting machine. However, a more efficient, energy-saving stride will surely have a positive effect on your time over marathon distance.

The launch version of the MetaRide, with a black upper and red sole, will be available in limited quantities from 28th February on the Asics website. At £220 it’s even more expensive than the Vaporfly (£209.95), though the MetaRide shouldn’t have the durability concerns of Nike’s record-setting shoe, which only tends to be at its best for around 200km.

Buy from Asics | £220

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