Build a Budget-Friendly At-Home Gym With These Tips From Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea

The perks of an at-home fitness center are plenty: time saved on commuting, money saved on memberships, distractions from other gymgoers eliminated, and excuses for not working out reduced. For some, these pluses are major enough to forgo a public gym entirely. “I do all in-home training,” celebrity trainer Erin Oprea, whose famous clients include […]

Food & Nutrition

8 Foods That Are Even Healthier When Eaten Together

Everyday Wellness Perri O. BlumbergNov 17 New research shows that by combining these nutritional superheroes together, you’ll pack an even bigger nutritional punch. To lower your cancer risk Reader's Digest Pair up: Apples & raspberries If apples could speak, they would tell raspberries, “You complete me.” A study in the Journal of Nutrition determined that the anti­oxidant ellagic […]