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Bernie Sanders And Ro Khanna Have A New Plan To Tackle Prescription Drug Rip-Offs

The problem with prescription drugs is simple: The U.S. government bestows long-term monopolies on pharmaceutical companies, immunizing them from the forces of market competition and public regulation. As a result, Americans shoulder the highest drug prices in the world while receiving significantly poorer public health outcomes than most of the developed world. There are a […]

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This Is the Only Way to Get Fresh Fries at McDonald’s Every Time

Marissa LaliberteNov 19 Because nobody wants soggy fries. enchanted_fairy/Shutterstock You might not go to McDonald’s when you’re looking for farm-fresh fare, but you’d at least hope your meal hasn’t been sitting around for hours before you ordered. Fast food relies on some time-saving techniques like making food ahead of time, then keeping it warm under […]