Pro Ultrarunner Jax Mariash on What It’s Like to Train for the 170-Mile Grand 2 Grand Ultra

For many runners, finishing a marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime feat. For a smaller percentage, it’s a multiple-times-in-a-lifetime accomplishment. And for an even tinier group, it’s a multiple-times-in-a-day achievement. Members of that last category include participants in the Grand 2 Grand Ultra (G2G), an annual 170-mile ultra race (an ultra distance is anything longer than 26.2 […]


13 Easy (and Scientifically Proven!) Ways to Look Smarter

The science behind perceived intelligence mimagephotography/Shutterstock Sheepishly, Kevin Adkins admits that when he’s insecure, he uses big words to appear smarter. “Only when I need to impress the person,” says the 41-year-old. “Dates with women? Definitely. At the grocery store? Not so much.” Recently, when flirting with a stylist at the barber shop, he asked […]