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Slow-Cooked European Lamb Recipes For Delicious, Easy-To-Make Meals

There’s a unique charm to a slow-cooked meal that comes from the hours you’ve spent savouring the smells while it cooks, building mouth-watering levels of anticipation. And these meals almost never disappoint, because slow cooking is a method that pretty much guarantees a delicious dinner that’s full of flavour.

Slow cooking on low heat is an especially great way to cook lamb because it locks in the incredible flavours of the meat and ensures it doesn’t dry out. It’s also the most effective method of bringing out the best from cuts like shoulder, which are cheaper but still have huge amounts of flavour that is released by slow cooking.

You’ll find three great slow-cooked lamb recipes that use shoulder meat below, but first, let’s start with a classic – slow-cooked lamb shank.

Slow-Cooked Lamb Shank

If you’re looking for a centrepiece at a dinner party that will be a treat for your guests’ taste buds, but doesn’t require a huge investment of either time or money, lamb shank is the obvious choice. After six to eight hours in a slow cooker – during which time you can prep the rest of a meal (or just relax) – it will fall off the bone and melt in the mouth.

After browning the shank in a pan covered in a mixture of flour and seasoning, add it to the slow cooker with some vegetables of your choice, along with some stock or red wine, and you’re done. A delicious meal is on the way and all you have to do is wait.

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Lamb Curry With Spinach

Curry is a great meal to take your time over because the flavours only get better the longer you let the sauce simmer. This recipe takes just a few minutes of prep and cooking in a pan before you either simmer it on the hob for 90 minutes, or transfer it to a slow cooker. The lamb will absorb all the fantastic flavours of the spices while the spinach (which you add at the end to stop it disintegrating) helps you on your way to five a day.

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Lamb And Chorizo Casserole

If the mere mention of slow-cooked lamb and chorizo doesn’t get your mouth watering, then frankly, what will? After browning the meat and blitzing your spice mix in a food processor you’re done with the active part of cooking this casserole, which you can leave to simmer or slow cook for 90 minutes. Plenty of time to grab some crusty bread to accompany this hearty dish that’s sure to banish any winter chills.

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Lamb Tagine With Prunes And Almonds

Lamb is a meat that’s rightly renowned for its versatility, but if there’s one dish where it shines brightest, it might well be a tagine, especially when it’s combined with the sweetness of prunes and honey as in this recipe. If you’ve steered clear of trying tagine in the past because you don’t have the conical cooking dish it’s traditionally made in, you’ve been missing out for no reason, because you can make this beautifully spiced dish using a slow cooker or simply a non-stick saucepan. It’s also a lot easier to make than you might think, with just a few minutes of chopping and frying required before you leave it to simmer.

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