17 Medical Reasons You Always Feel Cranky

Heart failure iStock/champja People with heart failure will be fatigued, and might get preoccupied with their breathing, medication, and health—enough to put anyone on edge. Plus, heart problems mess with blood flow to the brain, which is what controls your emotions. “Anything that compromises blood circulation to the brain, especially the frontal lobes, can produce […]


14 Things Polite People Always Say

djile/Shutterstock “Hello” “Take the time to say ‘hello,’ especially if you’re in an environment where you regularly see the same people,” says Jacqueline Whitmore, etiquette expert and founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach. She explains that greeting a person makes you stand out and make a positive, lasting impact. “And even if you’re […]


Why Am I Always Hungry?

Got the munchies … again? If you find yourself constantly snacking or eating big meals and you still don’t feel satiated, there could be an underlying reason, according to experts. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to curb a nonstop appetite and make sure you’re getting enough ― and the right ― […]