9 Body Parts That Reveal Your Age First

Beauty Between genetics, hormones, and years of sun damage, these areas start to change color and texture the earliest—but there are ways to keep them looking young. Hands hiroshi teshigawara/Shutterstock Especially in women, your hands will be one of the first body parts you’ll notice showing signs of age, says board-certified dermatologist Kally Papantoniou, MD, […]

Food & Nutrition

What Really Happens to Your Body When You Use Energy Drinks

Energy drinks can damage teeth jevelin/Shutterstock Energy drink products contain citric acid, which is highly corrosive to teeth, warns registered dental hygienist Anastasia Turchetta. A study comparing sports drinks and energy drinks found that energy products have significantly higher acidity and greater capacity to dissolve enamel compared to sports drinks. In fact, enamel loss after […]