Could the Coronavirus Be Airborne?

Perhaps you’ve seen headlines about finding viral RNA particles in the air in hospital rooms and even in feces. But finding those particles is not the same thing as finding live, infectious virus. And just because someone with the virus expels aerosolized particles that doesn’t mean those particles can actually infect you. We don’t know […]

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Widespread Voting By Mail Isn’t Guaranteed In 6 States That Could Determine The Election

President Donald Trump wants Republicans to “fight very hard” against “horrible,” “corrupt” proposals allowing voters to cast their ballots by mail during the coronavirus pandemic. But the states that matter most for Trump’s reelection campaign already allow voters to do just that. Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the six states most likely […]

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Anthony Fauci: Imposing Mitigation Measures Earlier ‘Could Have Saved Lives’

Anthony Fauci, one of the country’s top infectious disease experts, said Sunday that imposing social distancing measures earlier to curb the spread of the coronavirus, as he recommended to the White House in February, “could have saved lives.” During an appearance on CNN’s “State Of The Union,” Fauci was asked why President Donald Trump didn’t […]