Chris Cuomo Describes New Phase Of His Coronavirus Battle: ‘It Is In My Head’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo said he’s still battling COVID-19 two weeks after he was first diagnosed and is now experiencing psychological symptoms he believes are caused by the coronavirus disease. “This virus creates emotional illness and creates psychological illness,” he told CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “It is in my head, not just figuratively, in terms of […]

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Ailing Chris Cuomo Reveals Trump’s ‘Most Asinine Statement Of Leadership’ Ever

Chris Cuomo said Americans deserve the truth about the COVID-19 infection after President Donald Trump admitted on Tuesday that he had glossed over the extent of the problem.  Asked about his consistent efforts to downplay the coronavirus threat earlier this year, Trump claimed he knew the risk all along, but was trying not to cause havoc.  “I’m […]


‘The Beast Comes At Night’: Chris Cuomo Reveals His ‘Wicked’ Coronavirus Symptoms

CNN host Chris Cuomo offered more insight into his day-to-day experience battling the symptoms of COVID-19.  Cuomo, who announced his diagnosis earlier this week, said that nighttime was the worst. “The best comes at night,” he said during a CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “Nights are tough.”  Cuomo described how he […]


Chris Cuomo Names The Donald Trump Character Traits That Are ‘Literally Making Us Sick’

Donald Trump’s “two defining flaws” are “literally making us sick” amid the coronavirus pandemic, CNN’s Chris Cuomo argued Friday night. The “Cuomo Prime Time” host broke down why Trump’s ignorance and arrogance are compromising the federal response to the public health crisis that nationwide has sickened more than 100,000 people and killed almost 1,700. Cuomo […]


Chris Cuomo Rips Into Trump’s ‘Fringe Righties’ For Wanting To Sacrifice Seniors

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo called out President Donald Trump and “fringe righties” for the latest talking point in conservative media over the coronavirus pandemic: sacrificing seniors for the good of the economy.  Impatient with the shutdowns and social distancing rules that have stalled the economy, Trump said Tuesday that he wants everything to reopen by Easter.  […]