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Whole Foods Splurged On Expensive Thermal Imaging Cameras, But Employees Question Their Effectiveness

Whole Foods locations across the country have spent thousands on expensive thermal imaging cameras, part of a nationwide rush on so-called “fever detectors” intended to screen out sick workers. But not all employees at the supermarket chain are happy about how the new gadgets work — and with how much they cost. The cameras appeared […]

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Tyson Foods Closes Two Pork Plants Linked To Hundreds Of Coronavirus Cases

Two Tyson Fresh Meats plants announced they would suspend operations on Wednesday after more than 300 employees tested positive for the coronavirus. The closures place further strain the nation’s meat supply chain. The company’s largest pork facility in Waterloo, Iowa, which is critical to U.S. pork supply, had remained open despite concerns it had fueled […]

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21 Healthy Breakfast Foods

The first meal of the day is an important one. No, not the most important—that’s a three-way tie with lunch and dinner. But healthy breakfast foods are a golden opportunity to kick off your day with deliciousness and nutritiousness that you really want to take advantage of. “In the morning you want something you enjoy […]