Work Your Entire Core With This Stability Ball Exercise From Celebrity Trainer Astrid Swan

If you’re looking to seriously work your core, locate a stability ball and keeping reading. Celebrity trainer Astrid Swan, NASM-certified personal trainer whose clients include Julianne Hough, Shay Mitchell, and Alicia Silverstone, recently posted an Instagram video of a challenging two-part stability ball move that zeros in on your core and targets essentially every part […]


Work Your Core and Upper Body With This 5-Move TRX Circuit From Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

TRX bands are effective and versatile total-body strengthening tools. These specialized suspension straps, which are typically fixed to a wall or anchored overhead, allow exercisers of all levels to do tons of moves using just their weight. They’re also great for challenging your core. Yet their versatility can make them intimidating. With so many unique […]


Oklahoma Got $270 Million From Purdue To Fix Opioid Crisis. Its Next Target: Johnson & Johnson

By Christine Vestal After securing a hefty financial settlement from Purdue Pharma last month, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter is training the state’s legal armaments on a much bigger pharmaceutical player: Johnson & Johnson. The company already has become a popular target. Many of the more than 1,600 opioid lawsuits in state and federal courts […]