Surprise: Celery Juice Will Not Cure All of Your Health Issues

If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram lately, then you’ve seen the many glasses of glowing green #celeryjuice—and the equally glowing claims about the drink’s purported myriad health benefits. Kim Kardashian reportedly sips it for her psoriasis, while Jenna Dewan posted that she's hoping to get some anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, gut health-enhancing benefits from the concoction. It’s […]


10 Silent Signs You Have Intimacy Issues

Relationships Corey WhelanSep 05 Fear of intimacy is understandable—and common—but the inability to overcome that fear will wreck your relationships. First, you need to recognize the subtle fear-of-intimacy signs, then you have to address the problem: Here’s what the experts recommend. You’re angry—a lot Dean-Drobot/Shutterstock There are many types of anger, and it helps to […]

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Disabled People With Chronic Health Issues Face A World Of Inaccessibility

I visit my pain doctor on a monthly basis. Sometimes I get trigger point injections ― shots of lidocaine into my muscles to stop them from spasming, a frequent occurrence due to my degenerative collagen disorder. Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome also causes my joints to frequently dislocate, randomly and without warning, causing severe and constant pain. […]