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The U.S. Military Hasn’t Faced A Threat Like Coronavirus In A Century

U.S. troops and their families stationed across the country are growing anxious and angry over what they say is their commanders’ lackadaisical response to the coronavirus pandemic.  “Marines are pissed,” said one low-level enlisted Marine stationed at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina who spoke to HuffPost recently on the condition of anonymity out of fear […]


This Is What It’s Like To Have OCD During The Coronavirus Pandemic

While I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, I’m not a compulsive hand-washer.  In fact, I’ve been quite militant at ensuring people don’t stereotype OCD as the hand-washing, lining-things-up-neatly, perfectionist’s disease.  I do have some slightly heightened fears around germs and contamination but they’re by no means debilitating. My own personal brand of OCD is more concerned with […]