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Evangelical Leaders Seek To Insulate Churches From Some COVID-19 Lawsuits

As some U.S. churches seek to open their doors for in-person services, a group of mostly evangelical Christian religious leaders is urging Congress to grant faith-based organizations legal immunity from coronavirus-related negligence lawsuits. In a letter submitted to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary on Tuesday, nearly 300 religious leaders said they’re concerned about facing […]

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9 Countries Seek To Ban LGBTQ ‘Conversion Therapy’ As Survivors Speak Out

LONDON, Feb 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – From electric shocks to ‘praying away the gay,’ global momentum is growing to ban so-called “conversion therapy,” with bills drawn up in nine countries, a rights group said on Wednesday. The United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico and Germany are among countries seeking to outlaw the treatment, based on […]


Sick Baby? When to Seek Medical Attention

When you have a baby, occasional infections and fevers are inevitable. But even parents who have experience with sick babies can have trouble distinguishing normal fussiness and mild illnesses from serious problems. Here's when to contact the doctor—and when to seek emergency care—for a sick baby. When to contact your baby's doctor An occasional illness […]