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These Retailers Refused To Close During The Pandemic, So An Illinois City Shut Them Down

All kinds of companies have been claiming they provide an “essential” service to the public during the coronavirus pandemic, so they can stay open despite a mounting number of stay-home orders from state and local governments. They include arts-and-crafts chains JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels and the video game seller GameStop. The refusal of those retail […]


Joe Biden Says Trump Should Just Shut Up About Coronavirus, Leave It To The Experts

Former Vice President Joe Biden wishes President Donald Trump would “be quiet” about coronavirus and stop spewing muddled and unreliable misinformation that’s unsettling Americans and adding to the stock market implosion. “There’s no confidence in the president and anything he says or does,” the front-running candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination said on MSNBC. “He turns […]