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Ruth Bader Ginsburg ‘Ain’t Having It,’ Won’t Stop Working Out In Coronavirus Pandemic

Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t about to turn into a couch potato during the coronavirus pandemic. The 87-year-old Supreme Court justice is still working out twice a week with her personal trainer while employing safeguards, the trainer told Law360. Many gyms have closed to enforce social distancing during the pandemic. But Ginsburg continues using the Supreme […]

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Hilary Duff Tells ‘Millennial Assholes’ To ‘Stop Killing Old People’ Amid Coronavirus

Hilary Duff, patron saint of millennials everywhere, is using her sway to encourage her fan base not to be complacent amid the coronavirus pandemic.  The “Younger” star used Instagram to issue a stern warning to the “millennial assholes” socializing in large groups who could be carriers for the virus without showing symptoms and spread it […]


New York AG Warns Televangelist Jim Bakker To Stop Selling Fake Coronavirus Cure

The New York attorney general’s office has ordered disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker to stop misleading consumers about a fake cure for coronavirus. Lisa Landau, chief of the AG’s Health Care Bureau, sent a cease and desist letter to Bakker on Thursday threatening legal action if he fails to stop touting his “Silver Solution” as an effective treatment […]

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How To Stop Touching Your Face

PeopleImages via Getty ImagesExperts say there are habit-breaking ways to stop touching your face for good. As the coronavirus outbreak nears pandemic levels, experts have been sharing the same advice for individuals looking to protect themselves from contracting COVID-19: Wash your hands and don’t touch your face. While the former is simple enough, the latter […]

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‘If all freelancers walked out, the TV industry would stop’

Four years ago, freelance television producer Adeel Amini suffered a mental breakdown, forcing him to temporarily leave the job he loves. The 34-year-old, who works on high-profile comedy and entertainment shows, was diagnosed with having borderline personality disorder. He believes the condition, which can leave him feeling anxious, depressed and lonely, was “exacerbated” by a […]