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This Doctor Is Radically Changing People’s Lives By Transforming Their A**holes

Dr. Evan Goldstein spends a lot of time with assholes.  He’s the founder of Bespoke Surgical, based in Manhattan, and one of the only surgeons in the world whose practice is dedicated to treating and restoring the humble human anus. Dr. Goldstein’s work includes addressing functional problems, like hemorrhoids and anal fissures; cosmetic concerns, like […]

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Whole Foods Splurged On Expensive Thermal Imaging Cameras, But Employees Question Their Effectiveness

Whole Foods locations across the country have spent thousands on expensive thermal imaging cameras, part of a nationwide rush on so-called “fever detectors” intended to screen out sick workers. But not all employees at the supermarket chain are happy about how the new gadgets work — and with how much they cost. The cameras appeared […]


16 People on Their Weird Pandemic Dreams

Dreams—weird, vivid, wild, memorable dreams—have become a staple of my pandemic experience, and I’m not the only one. Across social media, people are using the hashtag #PandemicDreams to share how the global new coronavirus crisis is manifesting in their unconscious minds. Plenty of cool articles have ventured to explain why this is happening, too. Personally, […]