Self-Care Tips for Sex Workers

Self-Care Kits is a series dedicated to curating tips for specific communities, from specific communities. So many factors impact our personal self-care needs, like being of one or more marginalized identity, having a certain illness, or dealing with specific life circumstances. When you connect with people with similar experiences, not only can you feel less […]


9 Thanksgiving Etiquette Tips for Hosts, and 8 for Guests

Hosts: Don’t serve anything too messy iStock/SkylarShankman “Normally for Thanksgiving, people dress up, but you don’t want guests to wear foods on their outfit,” says Jacqueline Whitmore, etiquette expert and author of Poised for Success. “Serve foods that are easy to eat.” Make sure hors d’oeuvres are (literally) bite-sized, and stay away from messy finger […]


9 Period Cup Tips Straight From Ob/Gyns

Period cups can be pretty polarizing. It seems like people either evangelize about them from the rooftops, or they have a lot of questions and apprehension. For the uninitiated, period cups (also known as menstrual cups) are flexible bell-shaped devices that you insert into your vagina to catch your menstrual fluid, then can empty out […]