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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Voted From Hospital To Block Trump Asylum Restrictions

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg voted against President Donald Trump’s proposed immigrant asylum restrictions from the hospital where she had cancer surgery Friday, according to media reports. NBC reported that Ginsburg voted from her hospital bed. National Public Radio and Mother Jones magazine said she cast the decisive vote in the 5-4 decision against the Trump administration shortly […]

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A Psychotherapist Collected 3,000 Dreams About Donald Trump. Some Are Truly Terrifying.

They are the stuff of nightmares. Literally. New York psychotherapist Martha Crawford has collected thousands of people’s dreams about President Donald Trump. Some are funny, but many are highly disturbing. Crawford’s interest in people’s dreams involving Trump was piqued shortly before the 2016 election, when she had a bizarre nightmare about the then-GOP nominee, she […]


Trump Administration’s Climate Report Raises New Questions About Nuclear Energy’s Future

Call it the nuclear power industry’s thirst trap. The United States’ aging fleet of nuclear reactors ― responsible for one-fifth of the country’s electricity and most of its low-carbon power ― has never been more necessary as policymakers scramble to shrink planet-warming emissions. Yet the plants are struggling to stay afloat, with six stations shut […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Unloads On Donald Trump Over His Latest Lie About Health Care

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host called out Trump on Wednesday night’s show for “truly, outrageously claiming that he kept a promise to protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions” in the controversial opinion piece published earlier in the day. It “really makes me mad,” revealed Kimmel. “No, you didn’t keep that promise,” he said. “That […]