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Teen Who Got Vaccinated Against Mom's Wishes Testifies Before Congress

Ethan Lindenberger made headlines last month for choosing to get vaccinated against his mother’s wishes. On Tuesday, the 18-year-old testified before the Senate health committee about his experience growing up in an anti-vaccine household and the dangers of misinformation. “I grew up understanding my mother’s beliefs that vaccines are dangerous, and she would speak openly about […]


What Jeannie Gaffigan Wishes She Had Known Before Her Brain Tumor Surgery

Last year, comedy writer and mother of five Jeannie Gaffigan (and wife of comedian Jim Gaffigan) was taking her children to the doctor when she unexpectedly became the patient. She realized she couldn’t hear out of her left ear, and her family’s pediatrician recommended that she get it checked. The reason for her hearing loss completely shocked her. “They […]