The Trump Administration Doesn’t Care If You’re Uninsured And Have COVID-19

President Donald Trump and his administration have a message for uninsured Americans who fear the cost of treatment for COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus: We don’t care. On Tuesday, Politico reported that the federal government will not reopen health insurance enrollment on the federal exchange that serves the residents of 38 states. […]

Food & Nutrition

So, You Want to Try Intuitive Eating But If You’re Being Honest You Still Want to Watch Your Weight. What to Do?

Intuitive eating is a hot topic right now. I’m guessing that someone in your circle sent or shared with you the popular New York Times op-ed titled, Smash the Wellness Industry. (If not, READ. IT. NOW.) The author talks about how she was sick of seeing powerful, smart, feminist-identifying women—including herself—fall for pseudoscientific “wellness” claims […]