The Best Dumbbell Workouts You Can Do at Home

You don’t need a gym’s worth of equipment to get in a solid workout. The best dumbbell workouts—which can work every muscle in your body—can be done right in your living room. So even if your gym or fitness studio is closed due to the new coronavirus, your fitness routine can still continue at home.

Dumbbells are great equipment options because they are super versatile. You can use them to hit your entire body, from the smaller muscles in your arms like your biceps and triceps to the larger muscles in your chest, back, and legs. They’re also helpful for unilateral work, where you work one side at a time (like with a single-arm overhead press), which is key to identifying and fixing strength imbalances.

If you don’t already have a pair or two at home, though, they can be kind of hard to find available now, as many people are beefing up their home gyms while their physical gyms are temporarily shuttered. There still are some options at bigger retailers like Amazon and Target, but I’ve found better inventory at speciality retailers like Perform Better and SPRI. (If you can’t find any weights available, you can also use whatever you can find at your house, like water bottles or laundry detergent containers. They might be lighter (or heavier, depending on what you’re using) than what you’re used to, though, so you may have to change up your reps, how long you rest, or how quickly you move through the exercises.

Once you have your equipment ready, take a look at the best dumbbell workouts below to find your next new favorite workout. There are options here that’ll smoke your entire body (like Workout #2), make you sweat buckets (HIIT-focused Workout #9), or really hammer your upper body (Workout #3), butt (Workout #12), or lower-body (Workout #4). Try a few to slot into your weekly routine.

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