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The Christmas Candy That Will Only Be Available for a Limited Time

Christmas candy is as fun to find as it is delicious to enjoy. These limited-edition candies are worth seeking out, whether to gift to yourself or to a friend that deserves a little love this time of year.

Reese’s Pieces Trees

Reese's Pieces Treesvia

The newest addition to their Pieces line, Reese’s Pieces Trees combine the much-loved Reese’s Christmas Trees with the crispy Pieces candy. Sharp-eyed sweets eaters spotted a resemblance between the new Christmas candy and Mr. Hankey, the beloved Christmas Poo from South Park. For their part, Reese’s is taking the sharp jobs about the candy’s shape in stride, utilizing the hashtag #AllTreesAreBeautiful to promote the candy’s well-rounded, if not uncouth, shape.

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Oreo-Flavored Candy Canes

Oreo Candy Canesvia

Oreo lovers, this is your Christmas candy find for the year. These black-and-white swirled candy sticks deliver on the cookie flavor you adore with the candy cane shape for holiday spirit. These one-of-a-kind candy canes would make a great gift, too. According to Mars, maker of candy brands like M&M’S and Skittles, 51 percent of people give Christmas candy with their gifts every holiday season.

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Peeps Gingerbread Man

Peeps Gingerbread Manvia

Peeps may get the most attention at Easter and in the spring for their adorable chicks and bouncing bunnies, but they can be a wonderful Christmas candy treat as well. Take, for example, these Peeps Gingerbread Men. The cookie-shaped marshmallows have a delicately spicy ginger flavor with the classic Peeps puffy marshmallow texture. In addition to the gingerbread, Peeps offers several holiday options including cocoa-dusted Reindeer and minty, chocolate-dipped chicks.

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