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The Weather For The London Marathon 2019 Is Set To Be…

Given the record-breaking temperatures at the London Marathon last year, those participating in the event in 2019 will be forgiven for treating the Easter weekend’s splendid weather with as much trepidation as joy.

Fortunately, the hot weather won’t last until next weekend. Temperatures in London are forecast to cool over the course of the week, with Sunday set to be a delightfully mild 14-15°C. And that’s during the hottest part of the day – runners will be starting Sunday’s race at just after 10am, when the temperature is predicted to be 10-11°.

While marathon spectators might not welcome the idea of standing around in cloudy, slightly chilly weather for hours on end, those conditions are ideal for marathon runners, and it’s certainly a welcome change from the scorcher that runners suffered through in 2018.

However, although the temperature looks as if it’ll be perfect, there is a small chance of rain on Sunday morning, and it won’t be completely calm either, with moderate breezes from the south-west, which means there’ll be headwinds over the majority of the course.

There’s no need to worry unduly though. The wind isn’t going to be particularly strong and if you’re in a crowd of runners you will barely notice it. Besides, the odd spot of light rain is likely to be a relief during the race.

Should the rain be stronger and more persistent than a spring shower, however, you might need to prepare a little. That mainly means trying to make yourself chafe-proof, because wet gear increases the likelihood of rubbing. Apply Vaseline generously in chafing hotspots and wear trusted gear that hasn’t proven an irritant on long runs in the past.

If the race has been a wet one make sure you change quickly afterwards as well, because your body cools rapidly after a marathon even in dry and hot conditions, so you could quickly start to feel the chill if you lounge around in wet gear for too long.

All the forecasts are only showing a 10-15% chance of rain in the morning on Sunday, so the odds are in your favour. If the experts have got it right, we’re set for perfect running weather for the London Marathon this year.

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