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This Is What Your Favorite Snack Brands Used to Look Like


cheez itsCourtesy Kellogg Company, via

When Cheez-Its were in their earliest years in 1922, the cheesy snacks were marketed as “a baked rarebit”—a real sign of the times. Now their packaging is an eye-catching red, but we still stand by the fact that they’re “crackin’ good.” One box of white cheddar, please! Find out why so many company logos are red.

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pop-tartsCourtesy Kellogg Company, via

The original 1964 Pop-Tarts weren’t frosted, and they only came in four flavors—brown sugar-cinnamon, strawberry, blueberry, and apple—but they were cut diagonally, just like your PB&Js used to be. All but unfrosted apple are still around, but ever since frosted Pop-Tarts came out in the late ‘60s, we really can’t complain. There’s really no treat quite like Strawberry Milkshake or Cookies & Crème straight out of the toaster. (Or straight out of the package. Sometimes we just can’t wait.)

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Nutri-Grain Bars

nutrigrain barsCourtesy Kellogg Company, via

Nutri-Grain might be marketed as a breakfast bar, but we like ripping one open during the mid-day slump. Back in 1991, you could only find raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, and apple on the shelves, but now you can add mixed berry and cherry to the list too—not to mention three Nutri-Grain crumb cakes. You won’t believe what these other companies’ logos looked like when they were young.

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